Friday, July 25, 2014

Cooking for Peace

As mentioned in an earlier blog, I have been taking a backseat in my FNB family lately.
Just recently, I started getting phone calls and being pulled into discussions about some inner working complications. It reached a head, and I was asked to come help because numerous people had left the group over the heated meetings. I'm not getting into all the dramatic details, but it feels good to be getting RFNB out there again. It feels good to be organizing again and I think a majority of the group feels that way too. I am trying to model how to be a good organizer- how to keep on top of things to make and reach goals and what it means to get shit done.

We have a long standing reputation on sharing food every sunday in Moore's Square. The city has made new rules about sharing food in public places and a lot of our problems stem from the new facility that the city provided for sharing food. Half of our group is very happy with the facility while half of the group is very unhappy about the facility. It is a very complicated argument.

I hope to post more on this as things develop. Right now I am trying to let the drama die down and focus on positive things… so, here is our first meal served at a protest in about a year. I am very proud of the small group that worked together to get this done. We didn't have anyone else willing to step up and collect stuff to distribute, couldn't get our banner or serving supplies and had a crew of 4. We made banners, and zines, and cooked and gathered. It was a long day, but really satisfying.

photo credit: Raleigh Occupare
Here I am with the homeschool teens in the group. How cool is that?! 

The menu was small, but delicious, healthy and all vegan

the lemon-mint water was a big hit!

 liberated lentil salad with fresh garden herbs

reclaimed couscous salad with fresh garden veggies

We also shared mixed nuts and dried fruit, fresh fruit and assorted breads which was all reclaimed from waste. 

Cooking for Peace~ a collaborative art sign

Free Food Banner

The new banner

My heart is very full. And my belly. And I shared that with other people. Nothing could feel better than that :)   

The event was great. I am never disappointed with a march in Durham. They do it right: Drums, big banners, lots of noise, inspiring speakers, stops along the route. My daughter said she misses being in the street and I have to say, I agree. Nothing feels better than being surrounded by a group that reminds you that people are powerful. 

We also attended a documentary film on fracking earlier in the week, bringing snacks to share and offering the support of our group to any upcoming protests and meetings. Outreach. It's a good thing. 

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