Friday, June 6, 2014

Our First Year Homeschooling

It's been an amazing first year! 

A list of things we did:
Activism- Food Not Bombs, Moral Mondays, Women's Rights
Home and Garden care
Pool parties and Park Days with Chapel Hill Homeschoolers and THEA
Discussing "Theme" and applying it to music, movies and books
Created a blog, Goodreads account and Pinterest
Fairytales and Fairy Tales retold
Haw River Learning Celebration
TAFFY hang outs, pizza nights and park days
Lake Jordan history and Heritage Day
Shakori (twice!)
Classes at Duke (Duke Splash)
Bread Making
New homeschool friends, sleepovers and parties
family traditions and rhythm
Nose pierced
Family visits
Friday hikes with Dad
Chapel Hill Beat Lab
Turtle Island Preserve
Days of the week Gnomes
Valentines, cutting, pasting
scat and tracks
The rice experiment
Using a magnifying glass to start a fire
Tons of reading
science experiments
Lots of animal snuggles
Chickens- the dog attack, the weird egg, 
Bunny and cat
Sewing- a handmade skirt and cloth napkins for christmas gifts
strengthening sibling love
Dresden's surgery
Ninja school
science museum
Cowboy camping under the stars
Baby snake in the waiting room
cloud study with a meteorologist 
Cowboy songs with Tayloe
I'm sure there is more, but you get the idea.

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