Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Learning consent

We don't use a curriculum, but sometimes I do put lessons together.
They aren't very formal, but I still lead what we are doing, discussing, working on, etc.

We have been looking at consent recently.

It has brought up great discussions...
on using sex for power
on respecting women's choices of dress and sexual expression
the importance of men/same gender consent

I am very proud of my daughter. She really reflects on things and thinks for herself.
She was recently put in a social situation where things didn't seem strange to her at first, but afterward it made her feel very icky. She came to me about it. We took time to reflect on it, discuss things together and then came up with an action plan. We decided that she would open up dialog about what made her feel icky with her friends and learn how to have those conversations rather than have me lead them or have them with other adults. (For safety's sake, I did let some adults know about what was going on. I want to make sure I am helping keep space safe and also set an example that we do call out things we don't like in our community and hold the space safe for everyone.)

We were informed about a movie called The East which has a scene where the characters play "Anarchist Truth or Dare" which is Truth or Dare based on consent. Sounds fabulous!!! I have googled and googled and can't find anything about consensual truth or dare. I think we should make a zine about it!!

Learning Good Consent Zine

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